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      SMPL was founded on the belief that wellness should not be complicated.

      Today, humans are faced with more demands and expectations than ever before, often taking a toll on the body’s physical and mental well-being. I started feeling this the most in my early 20s.

      Through obsessive research and a desire to keep my body functioning at a high level, I started experimenting with a variety of supplements and mixing blends of super-mushrooms, called adaptogens.

      Within weeks of incorporating these functional ingredients into my daily routine, I felt a gradual, yet transformational shift. I slept easier through the night, I felt more energized in the mornings, and I had a stronger focus throughout the workday.

      However, it became increasingly difficult to find the time to create these home remedies amid my busy schedule. Plus keeping track of over 20 different powders and formulas proved to be highly complex.

      I strived to find a way to bring these medicinal plants and superfoods into everyday modern life with minimal effort.

      I didn’t want taking supplements to feel like a chore. The process needed to be effortless and enjoyable, yet effective. It was important to find a way to seamlessly fit these ingredients into my already existing habits. As someone who snacks several times per day, this seemed like the perfect format.

      I started by sourcing the highest quality, most potent ingredients from around the globe. After hundreds of different recipes, our team developed the perfect functional blends to deliver benefits that you can feel.

      We took these functional blends and combined them with seeds, fruits, nuts and himalayan pink sea salt for delicious snacks to be taken anywhere. To maintain our stringent standards, everything used is always free from gluten, GMOs, dairy, soy, “natural flavors” and added sugars.

      SMPL delivers real doses of functional ingredients in the form of craveable, ready-to-eat snack bites. 

      I believe that everyone deserves to function at their highest level, and I’m confident that SMPL will help you get there. We’ll do the work so you don’t have to.

      Ellis, Founder