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      What's in SMPL?

      SMPL is made from the highest quality superfoods and adaptogens, with no added sugars, dairy, soy or gluten.


      What is the shelf life?

      9-months from date of production. Please refer to the date on your package for exact best-by-date.


      Does SMPL need to be refrigerated?

      SMPL is a shelf stable snack and does not require refrigeration. However, SMPL can be refrigerated if desired.


      How long can I enjoy my package of SMPL bites after I've opened it?

      Once opened, we recommend you consume within one week.


      Is SMPL free from dairy, soy, gluten and grains?

      Yes, all our products are dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free.



      Where can I buy SMPL?

      SMPL is available on our website and across the United States at select hotels, spas, juice bars, natural grocery stores, cafes, and fitness studios. See here for a list of stockists.


      I'm a retailer, how can I sell SMPL?

      Email us at with your information or fill out this short wholesale application, and we'll get back to you shortly.


      Questions about your order?

      Email us at with your information.


      Shipping & Delivery

      I placed an order. When will my shipment arrive?

      All orders require one full business day for processing before being shipped. All packages ship via 2-day USPS Priority Mail. You will receive emails along the way. We do not ship internationally or to Hawaii at this time.


      How does my SMPL subscription work?

      Once you’ve setup your subscription you will begin to receive your order once a month. Your case of SMPL will ship on the same day, every month, that you started the subscription. You can adjust how much or little SMPL you wish to have shipped to your home each month.

      If you cancel your subscription before the second recurring purchase, you will be charged the full one-time purchase price.


      How do I update my subscription?

      To change the date that your subscription ships, sign into your account and hit 'Manage Subscription'. Tap the 'Manage' drop down on the right and select 'Change Upcoming Order Date'. From there, select the new date for your next shipment.

      Please note that changing your next shipment will affect how you are billed. Once you reach your selected postponement end date, your subscription will renew and bill on a monthly basis starting on that date, unless further changes are made.

      To skip a delivery date, simply hit 'Upcoming Orders' and then select the month that you would like to skip. 


      How do I edit my subscription?

      You can edit your subscription by logging into your SMPL account and clicking 'Manage Subscription'. If you need help, email


      Can I cancel my subscription?

      Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking 'Manage Subscription'.


      Contact & Support

      What is the best way to contact SMPL?

      If you've placed an order with us, please email For general inquiries, please email


      I am media or press, who should I contact?

      Please email


      I am an influencer and want to talk to SMPL about opportunities.

      Please email