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      almond flour, peanuts°, dates°, coconut nectar°, flaxseeds°, proprietary chill blend (ashwagandha°, reishi°, 20mg hemp extract), himalayan pink sea salt.


      "I eat a pack of chill bites at the same time every afternoon, around 2:00 PM. After just two bites my mind feels clearer and I’m able to better focus."

      Alexis R, New York

      hemp extract
      a non-psychoactive plant used to help calm the mind and body, reduce occasional stress, and improve focus. Our Colorado-grown hemp extract contains 0.00% THC.


      the leading adaptogen to help the body manage stress and reduce anxiety.


      used as a powerful brain super-herb to enhance your mood and improve concentration.


      When should I eat chill bites?

      Eat chill bites any time of day to help reduce stress and anxiety or improve productivity. Feel free to eat all in one sitting or snack throughout the day. For best results, eat one pack daily. 

      Will I get high after eating chill bites?

      No. Chill bites are made from hemp-derived extract, which contains 0.00% of the THC compound. Instead, you will feel a gradual sense of focus and relaxation.

      Why 20mg hemp extract per package?

      We use 20mg of hemp extract in each package because it is the ideal dosage for the high bioavailability of our pure hemp extract. Through rigorous testing, we discovered that 20mg of hemp extract is high enough to feel the calming benefits, but low enough that one can enjoy multiple packs everyday.

      Will hemp extract show up on a drug test?

      Most drug tests do not test for hemp extract; however, we recommend consulting with your physician and/or employer if this is a concern.

      Are these snacks sweetened in any way?

      There is no added sugar in any of our snacks. The sugars listed on our labels refers to the naturally occurring sugar found in dried fruit.