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      almond flour, coconut°, cashews, dates°, coconut nectar°, proprietary detox blend (activated coconut charcoal, pine pollen°, chaga°), coconut oil°, himalayan pink sea salt.


      "My absolute favorite. I haven’t had another protein bar since I’ve tried SMPL’s Detox Bites."

      Jacob L, New York

      activated charcoal
      this natural detoxifier helps improve gut and digestive health by gently cleansing the body of impurities.

      pine pollen
      a super-herb traditionally used to reduce inflammation and improve metabolism

      chaga mushroom
      an adaptogen that supports a healthy immune system by stimulating bile flow, which aids fat digestion.


      When should I eat detox bites?

      Eat detox bites any time of day to stay satiated and calm your stomach. Feel free to eat all in one sitting or snack throughout the day. For best results, eat one pack daily.

      Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

      No. There are no harsh laxatives in our detox bites, but you may feel a gradual improvement in your overall digestive system. However, we recommend consulting with your physician if this is a concern.

      How many packs can I eat per day?

      We use 140mg of activated coconut charcoal in each package, which is roughly one-half of a daily capsule. We recommend not eating more than four packs per day as that will exceed one daily serving of activated charcoal. For best results, eat one pack daily.

      Can I eat detox bites during pregnancy?

      We always recommend discussing with your physician prior to adding our detox bites to your routine if you are pregnant. We list each ingredient on our page.

      Are these snacks sweetened in any way?

      There is no added sugar in any of our snacks. The sugars listed on our labels refers to the naturally occurring sugar found in dried fruit.